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Upper Arlington Community Center Ballot Issue

The City of Upper Arlington has launched an informational webpage on the upcoming community center ballot issue, which goes before voters on May 4, 2021.

Over the years, the City has considered building a community center on several occasions. As recreation and community centers succeeded in other communities, the City continued to hear of a desire for such a facility from our residents. The issue resurfaced again through the 2018 Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan study process, with 81% of residents in a survey supporting a feasibility study for a multi-generational indoor recreation facility. In response, City Council formed the Community Center Feasibility Task Force (CCFTF) in the summer of 2019 to lead a study on the issue.

The CCFTF was comprised of 16 volunteer residents charged with determining if the community wanted and needed a community center. After confirming that the desire and need existed, the Task Force was charged with drilling into details of location, what should be included, and the costs for construction, operations and ongoing maintenance.

Following an extensive 18-month study process focused on community engagement, transparency and financial analysis, the Task Force unanimously concluded that it is feasible for the City to construct a community center without an increase in City income or property taxes. In response, in January of this year City Council approved legislation to bring the proposed Upper Arlington Community Center issue to a vote of the people on May 4, 2021, and to authorize various funding mechanisms that will enable the City to construct a community center without any increase in City income or property taxes.

The City encourages residents to become informed on this important community issue, so that when you complete your absentee ballot or head to the voting booth on May 4, your questions have been answered in full. Watch for news of upcoming community meetings and other opportunities to learn more in the coming weeks.

Full details of the ballot issue can be found here. If you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation on this issue, please send us an email.

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