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Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this FAQ sheet to help address questions that residents might have as the Upper Arlington Community Center project moves through the detailed design phase to construction. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to send us an email and check back for updates to this section.

What is currently under construction at the Kingsdale site?
Senior housing is currently under construction adjacent to the UACC site. The Community Center is still in the detailed design process.

I thought the design of the Community Center had been decided by the Community Center Feasibility Task Force, what is this detailed design process about?
The Task Force process brought to light the types of uses needed/wanted by residents and developed a high-level concept for how those uses might be incorporated into the available footprint for a Community Center. The detailed design process is necessary to make sure all the desired uses can be brought together seamlessly and efficiently, within the available footprint, and on budget. It will provide all of the planning, drawings, and detailing necessary for the construction of the facility and involves many architectural, engineering, and other logistical components needed to bring the community’s initial vision to life.

What facilities will be in the Community Center?
The facilities and programming planned for the Community Center are a direct result of the input gathered by the Task Force early in the study process:

  • It will serve as the central community gathering place for events and celebrations that residents have asked for.
  • It will provide fitness, wellness, health, and leisure opportunities for all ages and interests.
  • It will provide seniors with new space that has been designed specifically to meet their needs, while also giving seniors access to many new programming opportunities.

The building program developed for the Kingsdale site is for a seven-story building. Five floors will be dedicated to the Community Center, with two floors set aside for professional office use. While the final programming will be determined as part of the detailed project design process, in general, the Community Center will include:

  • Entry/lobby, indoor pool, multi-purpose event/party space, locker rooms
  • Fitness/exercise spaces
  • 3 gymnasiums (1 multi-purpose)
  • Teen space, child watch
  • Walking/running track
  • Senior program shared classrooms
  • Event hall/ meeting space
  • Outdoor multi-purpose terrace

The detailed design process will further define these areas and explore options for the final layout and stacking of the facility.

How is the City planning to pay for the construction of the Community Center?
The budgeted construction cost of $54 million includes 23% for contingencies and inflation. The City anticipates paying for the facility using a combination of funding sources:

  • $40 million in long-term debt
  • $5.4 million in private funds raised through the Upper Arlington Community Foundation
  • $8.8-$9 million in City reserves

The debt service for this investment is estimated to be approximately $2.3 million per year, and is expected to be repaid using:

  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenues generated by the Kingsdale mixed-used development and other TIF districts around the City.
  • Annual hotel/motel revenues from the hotels on Lane Avenue.
  • Rent and income tax revenues generated by the office spaces located within the building.

How is the City going to pay to operate the Community Center?
A business model was developed based on usage and pricing structures for comparable facilities in other communities. Some of the keys to success include:

  • A focus on spaces that can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Incorporating senior programming as part of a larger facility.
  • Achieving staffing and operations efficiencies by bringing programs within one location
  • Providing a combination of memberships, drop-in fees, programming, and facility rentals.

A base-case pro-forma model projects full cost recovery, based on the proposed programming, a 3% market capture for memberships, and 70% program capacity. Under this model, the current $530,000 subsidy that supports Parks & Recreation programming would no longer be needed.

A stress test pro-forma projects a cost-recovery model of approximately 75%. This exercise was undertaken to account for potential down years (recession, pandemic, etc.). Under this model, the subsidy necessary to support operations would increase the current subsidy by approximately $250,000.

The City will continue to update and refine the operating Pro-forma throughout the detailed design process.

Will it be affordable to everyone who lives in UA?
Membership and usage fees would be comparable to market-rate membership and usage fees, and would be tiered – single adult, family, senior, etc. Additionally, the business model would include a dedicated scholarship fund to assist residents facing financial barriers to participation.

Will non-residents be able to use it?
The operating model includes non-resident usage as part of the service market. A non-resident will pay a premium rate while residents receive discounted rates. The City includes non-residents that work in UA and pay income taxes to UA as customers eligible for the resident rate. The rate structure is a tool utilized to prioritize resident usage of the facility.

Why is the City planning to include office space within the building?
The two floors of rentable office space – which would total approximately 50,000 square feet – are included as a revenue-generating and service enhancement opportunity. After issuing a request for proposals concentrated on health care providers, the City is in discussions with a preferred partner team to lease at least half of this space and to augment services within the Community Center. Any remaining leasable space will be highly marketable, since the Kingsdale site is surrounded by amenities, including direct access to the Community Center.

How can I be involved in the final design process?
MSA Sport is the lead design firm and is partnering with Perkins & Will and the City to plan a comprehensive community engagement process. Opportunities to be involved will be made available on this website. Information gathered during the process will be shared on this site for residents to follow.


The City of Upper Arlington and the Parks & Recreation Department are committed to a transparent and collaborative design process for the new Community Center. Please use the form to sign-up for email updates and to provide us your feedback and questions.

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