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September UA Community Center Community Meeting

6-7:30 pm, Tuesday, September 6
Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road
Join Via Zoom: //

From the very beginning, the pursuit of an Upper Arlington Community Center has been driven by community members and guided by extensive community feedback. The detailed design process has been no different, with several community meetings and focus groups held along the way, and many adjustments and improvements made based on the feedback received.

As this phase approaches the one-year mark, one final Community Meeting has been scheduled so that the design team can share the fruits of their labor.

Please join us before the September 6 City Council Meeting for an “It’s so close we can taste it” preview of the final building design. The meeting format will include a formal presentation that can also be watched via Zoom. Following the presentation, several break out stations will be available in the Concourse so that attendees can view different programming areas in greater detail, ask questions and share their thoughts.

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