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November 10 UACC Open House #2

Thank you to all those that attended Open House #2 on November 10! This session began with a brief presentation where residents were able to learn more about the City’s prospective partners for the Community Center and their aligned mission around community health, wellness, and recreation. The design team discussed the multi-generational and multi-purpose nature of the proposed spaces within the UACC that support the Community Center’s holistic vision.

For those participants who were not able to attend in-person, the presentation was live streamed and a design team member facilitated a virtual review and discussion of the proposed planning strategies.

In general, we heard:

  • A preference for underground parking and to optimize the grade level for community uses as the budget allows
  • A preference for Scheme B
  • A preference for the senior lounge to be located on the second floor with the program rooms
  • A preference for locating the Multi-purpose Rooms on top floor
  • Questions about sound attenuation between spaces
  • Questions about the control/dedication of the parking onsite for the Community Center
  • Interest in a double-height Fitness space
  • Additional questions about OSU and NCH programs

Scheme B

Scheme B

Scheme A

Scheme A

UACC Open House #2 – Presentation

UACC Open House #2 – Virtual Session

Program Use Stations

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