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Level 5 Facilities

  • Trackoverlooks the Gymnasiums on Level 4, and features three lanes for walking and running, with 12 laps the equivalent of walking or running one mile
  • Exercise Stations – located in the corners of the track, these areas feature ample space for stretching and include TRX, weighted balls, resistance bands and adjustable pulley machines to supplement your cardio workout. This area also includes rowers and air bikes.
  • Event Center – includes one large event space that can be divided into three smaller spaces, a catering kitchen equipped to support food service for events, audio-visual equipment, natural light with motorized shades, and an event service elevator separate to guest access. Click here for additional details.
  • The Gallery – a gathering space with casual seating and space for remote working, featuring a rotation of art exhibits by regional artists. With its views, The Gallery provides a great location unlike any other space in the community, supporting the Event Center for social gatherings, cocktail hour and buffet table layout.
  • Skyline Balconyan incredible view on the southern side of the building overlooking the region. The Skyline Balcony includes seating for casual gatherings or as part of an event.
  • Green Room – designed as a preparation area for events such as wedding parties, bridal suite, and guest speakers, this room provides amenities to prepare for special occasions. The Green Room doubles as a quiet space for people to step away from active spaces, to rest, reset or reflect as well as privacy such as for nursing moms. Customers can contact staff for access.

Level 5 Renderings

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