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MEETINGS in 2021



    2019 MEETINGS




    A statistically valid telephone survey of 300 randomly selected Upper Arlington voters was fielded in mid-November to gauge resident sentiment on options for a location, building program and funding options. Once the telephone survey had been completed, an online version was made available to all residents in the community, yielding 1,609 responses. While the data obtained from the online version serves only as supplemental information, the responses obtained were generally consistent with those yielded by the telephone survey.

    Community Meeting

    Thursday, October 8, via Zoom
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    At the community meeting the Task Force’s consultants shared high-level “blocking and stacking” concepts for the two locations under consideration (former Macy’s site at Kingsdale, and the Municipal Services Center), showing how the various programing components could be incorporated within the available footprint.


    Community Pop Ups

    A series of Community Pop Ups were held to bring the work of the CCFTF out to the places and events frequented by residents. These pop ups featured quick, idea generating activities for residents to engage in, as well as provide information on how to stay up-to-date and involved in the process.

    Dates and locations for the Community Pop Ups:

    • UA High School boys basketball home game – January 31
    • UA High School girls basketball home game – February 7
    • Volunteer UA Expo – February 8
    • Elementary Schools Concourse Gallery Reception – February 9
    • Tremont Library – February 16
    • UA Stage Dinner – February 19
    • Giant Eagle Market District (Kingsdale) – February 21
    • UA High School Production of Cinderella – February 22
    • UA Senior Center – February 27
    • Hastings Middle School Production of Frozen – March 6
    • Middle Schools Concourse Gallery Reception – March 8
    • Additional Pop Ups: Leadership UA Class; UA High School lunch break

    Community Meeting

    February 27, UA Senior Center, 1945 Ridgeview Road
    A community meeting was held to provide residents an opportunity to learn more about the feasibility study, and to provide feedback on the primary questions being addressed in this first phase.


    A statistically valid survey was fielded from early March through mid-April. This type of survey process is designed to ensure that responses are reflective of the community as a whole. Three thousand randomly selected households were mailed a survey packet that included a cover letter, hard copy of the survey with a postage-paid envelope, as well as a link to complete the survey online if preferred. The survey yielded 632 responses, far exceeding the goal of 400.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the timing for an online survey open to all residents was put on hold.

    Youth Engagement

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of surveys for the community’s youth were put on hold.


    To view documents associated with the Community Center Feasibility Task Force, search our Archives PortalSpecial Projects, Commissions & Task Forces using the following Special Meeting Type: Community Center Feasibility Task Force

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