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Front Row (from left): Chuck Manofsky, Matt Rule, Bill Westbrook, Greg Comfort, Nick Lashutka
Back Row: Todd Walter, Kelly Boggs-Lape, Supen Bowe, Margie Pizzuti, Linda Mauger, Merry Hamilton, Linda Moulakis, Wendy Gomez, Brian Perera
Not Pictured: Dianne Albrecht, Yanitza Brongers-Marrero

Dianne Albrecht Kelly Boggs-Lape Yanitza Brongers-Marrero
Supen Bowe Greg Comfort Wendy Gomez
Merry Hamilton Nick Lashutka, Co-Chair Chuck Manofsky
Linda Mauger Linda Moulakis Brian Perera
Margie Pizzuti, Co-Chair Matthew Rule Todd Walter
Bill Westbrook


Williams Architects
Architect, Public Engagement

  • Tom C. Poulos, AIA, Principal-in-Charge
  • Nan Weir, AIA, Managing Architect

PROS Consulting
Business Planning, Public Engagement)

  • Leon Younger, President – Project Manager
  • Philip Parnin, Senior Project Manager – Recreation Needs Analyst

OHM Advisors
Site Land Planning & Landscape Architect, Public Engagement

  • Aaron Domini, Principal

Early in the study process, the CCFTF determined they should secure the assistance of a consultant team experienced in conducting studies of this nature. In the fall of 2019, the process of identifying a consultant was led by a CCFTF Selection Subcommittee. By mid-November, the team led by Williams Architects—with subconsultants OHM Advisors and PROS Consulting—emerged as the preferred consultant. The CCFTF unanimously voted to recommend to City Council that the City enter into contract with Williams Architects to conduct the feasibility study in partnership with the CCFTF. Council approved the recommendation on November 25.

The reasoning behind the recommendation included:

  • The Williams Architects proposal detailed extensive community engagement activities and a clear understanding of the value placed on obtaining resident input;
  • Representatives of Williams Architects and OHM Advisors are local to Central Ohio, which will be beneficial to the process;
  • The team has previously conducted work in Upper Arlington and already has a good understanding of the community and its expectations—for example Williams Architects assisted PROS Consulting with the 2018 Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan, and OHM Advisors led the design process for the new Tremont Pool and Playground at Northam Park and is currently spearheading the Lane Avenue Planning Study;
  • Collectively, the team has more experience conducting community center studies;
  • The proposal integrated a statistically valid survey early in the process, and emphasized the importance of obtaining objective data that is reflective of the broader community;
  • The proposal broke pricing down by project components and divided the work into two phases, with the findings of the first phase framed to help determine the validity of a second phase. Additionally, the proposal was the most cost effective.


The CCFTF Community Engagement Subcommittee was charged with developing an extensive, open and transparent community engagement process that encouraged multiple opportunities for citizen participation and input. With the support and guidance of the professional feasibility study consultant firm, the work of this subcommittee included:

  • Planning and conducting a variety of public meetings (open houses, focus groups, pop up gatherings, etc.)
  • Planning and conducting citizen surveys, to include one statistically valid survey, informal online surveys as appropriate, questionnaires, etc.
  • Reviewing data and resident input gathered through previous outreach (2018 Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plan, etc.)
  • Creating summaries of the feedback obtained through these processes

Members: Dianne Albrecht, Kelly Boggs-Lape, Supen Bowe (Chair), Merry Hamilton and Linda Moulakis

The CCFTF Facilities Subcommittee was charged with developing the parameters for a prospective community center facility that would best fulfill residents needs and desires. This included:

  • Visiting/reviewing facilities in comparable communities
  • Assessing the community’s needs and existing amenities and programs
  • Considering potential locations for a prospective facility
  • Exploring existing models of public and private partnership opportunities

Members: Yanitza Brongers-Marrero, Greg Comfort (Chair), Wendy Gomez, Chuck Manofsky and Bill Westbrook

The CCFTF Finance Subcommittee was charged with exploring all financial considerations associated with a prospective community center. This included:

  • Identifying possible sources of capital funding
  • Identifying possible sources of funding for ongoing operations, programming and maintenance
  • Consideration of financial business models for facilities in comparable communities
  • Developing an overarching summary of funding strategy options

Members: Linda Mauger, Brian Perera, Matt Rule (Chair) and Todd Walter

The Task Force determined that the feasibility study process will best be served with the professional assistance of a consultant team experienced in conducting feasibility studies of this nature. The Selection Subcommittee was charged with reviewing and making a recommendation back to the Task Force of the Whole on the preferred consultant. This subcommittee was comprised of Greg Comfort, Nick Lashutka, Linda Mauger, Margie Pizzuti, Matthew Rule and Bill Westbrook.

Subcommittee Schedule:

  • November 25 City Council Meeting – City Council voted to award the contract to Williams Architects
  • November 18 Council Conference Session – Task Force representatives presented its recommendation to City Council
  • November 13 Task Force of the Whole – Task Force voted to recommend Williams Architects to City Council
  • November 13 – Agenda
  • November 12 – AgendaMinutes
  • October 30 Task Force of the Whole Meeting – Meeting included subcommittee update on selection process
  • October 16 – AgendaMinutes
  • October 1 – AgendaMinutes
  • A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was issued by the City in early September, with a deadline of September 23
  • August 27 – Minutes


The CCFTF was supported by the following City Staff members:

  • Jeff Anderson, Parks Planning & Development Manager – consultant liaison lead, schedule coordinator
  • Debbie McLaughlin, Parks & Recreation Director – Facilities & Partnerships Subcommittee support lead, key stakeholder facilitator
  • Dan Ralley, former Assistant City Manager – Finance Subcommittee support lead
  • Steven Schoeny, City Manager – CCFTF support lead, key stakeholder facilitator
  • Emma Speight, Community Affairs Director – Community Engagement Subcommittee support lead, communications & outreach
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